I review my picks from the new releases in literary fiction, and other veshches *cough* I mean things. I’m no critic/writer/Steppenwolf just some girl who likes books which don’t necessarily say anything interesting, as long as they say things in a way that makes me feel a bit weird.

In my reviews I aim to do two things: show you the things that affected me the most in a book, give you a verdict on whether to read it. At the end of each review I rate the book on the following scale: Must-read, Would Recommend, Maaybe, Meh.

My review style is going to be a bit stream-of-consciousness. I’m thinking of André Breton’s Nadja as a model: “I shall discuss these things without pre-established order, and according to the mood of the moment which lets whatever survives survive.” This sounds lazier than I actually am! I include lots of quotations in my reviews: I believe in the old motto of ‘show not tell’ (clichéd as it sounds).

My reviews may contain spoilers sorry. I try to keep them to a minimum but, I strongly believe if spoilers can spoil a book, then it’s probably not worth reading in the first place.

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